We aim to provide top-quality products to universities, businesses, and to individuals scientist. All offered products are pharmaceutical grade UPS. Our constitution is to provide pure molecules. Our quality is 99% purity or above. What is on a label is inside the package. We cover the cost of laboratory expertise if we do not meet our constitutional promise.

Our working process

This online store is just a small ‰ what we really do. Your order will be processed from Monday to Friday. All parcels are packaged discretely. We guarantee delivery. You will receive a parcel tracking number to trace your delivery online. We do not take responsibility if you misspell address or name.

We love what we do

We loved challenges. If you aim to order the syntesis of a new molecule let us know! Intellectual challenges are the most stimulating for our team. Test our products and check our capability to produce other substances. Just drop us an email!


About our online store

This shop was designed from the internal need of sharing nootropic substances on a wide scientific dancefloor.

The idea of why we decide to sell pure substances grow after research. We test many different brands of Modafinil against quality. What we found... may be a traumatic for some of you.
About 30% of Modafinil tabs brands available online are falsifiable. We test 14 different brands of Modafinil. Some of the tablets did not contain the declared Modafinil amount. One sample does not contain even 1mg of Modafinil. Others declared content of Modafinil was incorrect usually too low.

After conducting this research we decide that we make Modafinil in our laboratory and we did the perfect job you can taste it. All our products are tested with spectrograph and chromatography. If you are interested in details we are happy to share the full characteristic card of each product.

In further months we will add new molecules to our offer. We have an excellent affiliate program you can participate in if you need to earn some money.