Online Store Regulations:

  • We are a Polish chemical laboratory that deals with the synthesis and production of chemical substances for the needs of universities and commercial companies. All offered products are manufactured in Poland.
  • Everything we produce is Made in Poland, which we are proud of!
  • The offered reagents are substances of very high chemical purity, which should be handled with care.
  • Each of the products we offer has a purity above 99% or more of the content of a given chemical substance in the net weight of the offered product.
  • All products we offer may only be used for laboratory or research purposes. The offered products are not for consumption!
  • We are not responsible or take responsibility for the use of the product by the buyer not in accordance with its intended purpose.
  • Take precautionary measures when working with chemicals. It is essential to use disposable gloves to protect your hands on each individual substance.
  • A laboratory coat is required which must be put on before starting work with a given substance. Some of the products offered can be absorbed through the respiratory tract, therefore it is necessary to use a respirator.
  • How to handle the substance? You will get this information from the MDS card, which we provide at the request of each client.
  • Each of the offered products is marked in accordance with the requirements of the Act on February 25, 2011 on chemical substances and their mixtures.
  • The text of the act can be found in the link below:

Sending parcel rules:

  • All orders are processed as quickly as possible. Usually the same business day. Orders placed over the weekend will be shipped on Monday.
  • We ship products on working days from Monday to Friday. Occasionally also on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • We only ship products after the payment has been credited to your bank account or to your Bitcoin wallet account. If you want to make a payment in BTC, please contact us by e-mail.
  • Parcels are sent at least once a day.
  • We send parcels to Paczkomaty and Poczta Polska by priority registered mail.
  • Foreign shipment is carried out by Poczta Polska by registered priority mail.
  • If you order products abroad, you will receive a “tracking number” from us, i.e. the tracking number of the parcel via the Polish postal operator of Poczta Polska. You will also receive a website address where you can track the package.
  • We do not send parcels by regular mail.
  • Parcels are always sent from the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  • If you order a package to Poland and you care about the tracking number, please contact us by e-mail, we will provide the tracking number. Generally, parcels reach the addressee within a maximum of 2 business days from posting.
  • Orders are processed only after the payment is credited to the bank account. We do not send an order based on a print-screen from the transaction.
  • The maximum waiting period for an order placed on the territory of the Republic of Poland is up to 14 calendar days. The delay in the delivery of the product may change due to the conditions of the availability of intermediates in the international arena. If there is a delay in the execution of the order, we will inform you by e-mail.


All offered products are tested for quality using two methods:

  • Spectrography.
  • Chromatography.
  • We test the products for the presence of PPM heavy metals.
  • The synthesis is carried out under laboratory conditions according to ISO 14001.

Complaints policy

  • In order to properly consider your complaint, we need test results, including spectrogram and chromatogram. This type of research can be commissioned in a number of Polish laboratories.
  • If the product does not meet the quality criteria, we will refund your money. Naturally, after the product is returned to the buyer. We only accept complaints regarding the quality of our product or failure to deliver the product or damage to the parcel during transport.
  • We refund money for ordered physicochemical tests. Provided that these are tests performed in Poland at average market prices of laboratories. The test results and their interpretation must be provided in Polish or in English.

Privacy policy:

By using our website, you agree to the privacy policy below:

  • We are subject to the Polish GDPR on the protection of personal data.
  • You have the full right to delete any data from our servers.
  • We use cookies for the proper functioning of our website.
  • All the data you enter on our website is stored on a server in Poland that is physically secured against access.
  • We have teleinformation security that protect us against potential hacker attack. However, we cannot offer 100% certainty that such an attack will occur.
  • Your data is protected, it will not be transferred or sold to any entity.
  • In the event that you become our partner and receive remuneration in the affiliate program, your personal data will also be used to make payments to your bank account.
  • In the case of making a payment to your account or withdrawal of funds, information about the transactions will remain in the banking system.
  • Your data is transferred to the selected payment operator only for the purpose of accepting the payment for the products sold.
  • Your data may also be stored and processed by the payment operator.
  • If you want your data to be removed from our servers, please contact us at the e-mail address in the contact section.